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About Nuhox

Outdoor and Indoor Life - intermingle of culture and daily life.

Endless manifestation of culture.

Perpetual discovery of life.

The straightforward concept of Nuhox.

Nurtured with culture and incarnated in daily life.

The intermingling of culture design with daily life.

In search for inspiration in the cycle of life model.

The appeal of Nuhox to simplicity.

Think about the cultural value of design from everything surrounding you in your daily life.

To search for the good thing from every detail in the aspects of aesthetics, function, and even production process.

Nuhox adheres to simplicity and humbleness.

To speak aloud for culture and daily life with its warm and firm prowess of design.

Nuhox expresses its affection of the land on which it stands on, the people of the land, with the call of human concern.

Nuhox concerns for humanity, roaring as a lion for "Made in Taiwan".